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Let’s reuse empty bottles!

Es Inc.

Jan 13, 2023

Would it be a shame to throw it away?

We have received comments from various customers that it is a waste to throw away bottles. After discussions with our manufacturing partner Akita Seishu and our sales partner Akimoto Licour Store, we have decided to pick up empty bottles and reuse them, although for the time being only at the Akimoto Licour Store in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture.

If you bring empty bottles to Akimoto Licour Store, we will pick them up for 50 yen for 700 ml bottles and 30 yen for 290 ml bottles! KOJI CLEAR bottles purchased at other stores are also acceptable, so if you think it is a waste to just throw away a great bottle, please bring it to the store. Please rinse your used bottles with water before bringing them in.

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