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Dec 2, 2021

KOJI CLEAR will be at various locations starting Monday, December 6!

"KOJI CLEAR POP-UP TOUR," an event where people can enjoy KOJI CLEAR tasting and original cocktails, will be held sequentially at retail stores and restaurants starting on Monday, December 6. During the pop-up tour, KOJI CLEAR will be available for free tasting, and various non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails will be served, including KOJI NONVIER, KOJI YOGURT, and SAKE KOJI CLEAR as arranged cocktails using KOJI CLEAR. KOJI CLEAR will also be on sale for purchase on-site. The contents and hours of the KOJI CLEAR POP UP will differ for each store, so please check the KOJI CLEAR website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for details.

<Schedule of KOJI CLEAR POP-UP TOUR> (as of December 2)

December 6 (Mon.), 7 (Tue.) RUSH BAR (Daisen City, Akita Prefecture)

Dec. 8 (Wed), 9 (Thu) Takanashi Shoten (Daisen, Akita)

Dec. 20 (Mon), 21 (Tue) Mother Shokudo savu (Akita City, Akita Prefecture)

December 22 (Wed.) Koten (Akita City, Akita Prefecture) (tentative)

*Dates and locations will be announced on the KOJI CLEAR website as soon as they are determined.

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