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Culture and thechnology of fermentation to the future

We use koji as an ingredient, but unlike traditional amazake, we define a clear liquid with a sugar content of 15% or less as a "Koji Drink", and we are promoting it as a new soft drink.


With the growing awareness of beauty, health, and the environment, including non-alcoholic, organic, and vegan products, KOJI CLEAR was born from the desire for a drink that is made from reliable natural ingredients and is easy to drink every day to recharge your body.


KOJI CLEAR is made with koji, rice, and water at a sake brewery in Akita, where you can find one of the best fermentation culture in Japan. We value resources and environments that are unique to the region. KOJI CLEAR is a new product to pass on the culture and  the technology of fermention to the future.

How we make KOJI CLEAR

KOJI CLEAR is made with an unique recipe that uses two types of koji: Ame Koji, which was born from the koji mold for ginjo sake, and white koji, which has a sour taste used in shochu. Manufactured with the cooperation of Akita Seishu which owns two sake breweries "Kariho" and "Dewatsuru".

We use rice used for sake brewing, and soft and smooth water used for brewing Japanese sake from Akita. We hope you will enjoy our drinks born from the rich natural environment blessed with rice and water.


700ml    JPY 1,450 (without tax)

290ml    JPY 730 (without tax)

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