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KOJI CLEAR will be available at room temperature!

Es Inc.

Nov 21, 2022

Room temperature delivery will starts from November 21th

KOJI CLEAR will change its storage method from "refrigerated" to "room temperature (temperature zone is cool and dark, recommended sales temperature zone is refrigerated)".

By switching to room temperature storage, the shelf life will remain the same at 6 months from production.

Most koji-related products, such as amazake, have a shelf life of 10 to 12 months at room temperature, and KOJI CLEAR has been targeting the same level of storage conditions.

Therefore, we have continued preservation tests of KOJI CLEAR since its launch.

Now that we have confirmed that there is no problem with storage at room temperature (cool and dark place) for 6 months, we will switch the storage conditions starting with shipments on November 21 (Monday).

The price will be lower than that of cool delivery because the product will be delivered at room temperature.

Please take advantage of this opportunity!

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