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Recruitment information

Fermented beverage/KOJI CLEAR is a new fermented beverage that uses koji, rice, and water from Akita, which has one of the best fermented cultures in Japan. We make our products at a brewery in Akita, and we value the unique value that comes from the resources and environment unique to that region.

Our mission is to create new options and preserve the options we currently have in order to leave many possibilities for the future.

We are looking for people who can work hard and grow together with us.





Human resources we are looking for







Employment status

Work location


Work system

holiday vacation


Application method

Domestic and international sales and marketing positions
・Development of sales channels for fermented beverages/KOJI CLEAR (domestic/overseas)
・Marketing of fermented beverage/KOJI CLEAR (offline, online), etc.

Head Office: 162 Jinguji, Daisen City, Akita Prefecture, 019-1701

Tokyo Office: Hibiya FORT TOWER 10F, 1-1-1 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003

When hiring, we place the utmost importance on personality.
◎I like making new suggestions
◎I like koji and fermentation
◎Knowledge and experience in general consumer goods
◎Responsible and able to report, communicate, and communicate well
◎I am interested not only in Japan but also in overseas markets.

Full-time employees, contract employees, part-time employees

Akita Prefecture, Tokyo *Remote work possible (need to discuss)

Employee/annual income of 4 million yen or more (annual salary system/bonus included)
Part-time job/hourly wage 1,200-1,300 yen
Sales staff receive incentives based on sales.

General staff
Professional work type discretionary labor system (manufacturing jobs)
Planning work type discretionary labor system (sales positions)

Complete 2-day week (Saturday and Sunday off)
Year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation

Working hours can be discussed and adjusted
Regular company promotion system available
Social insurance depends on working hours
Full transportation expenses paid

Please send your resume and work history to the email address below.


S Co., Ltd. Recruitment Officer
〈Telephone number〉03-6822-4047

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