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Ricky KOJI

Prep Time:

Cook Time:




About the Recipe

It retains the KOJI CLEAR flavor, but with a crisp, non-sweet, adult taste with a hint of lime juice.


  • KOJI CLEAR 45ml

  • Vodka 45ml

  • Carbonated water 30ml

  • Lime 1/8×2


Step 1

Squeeze 1/8×2 limes into a long, narrow glass.

Step 2

Add an appropriate amount of ice and pour in 45 ml of vodka.

Step 3

Pour 45ml of KOJI CLEAR.

Step 4

Add carbonation, steer with a muddler just once from the bottom and slowly pull the muddler out.

※There is also an update for those who like more acidity by squeezing and changing to kabosu or seekworcer.

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